Jul 4, 2014

A forced summer break

A week ago my laptop broke down. :( And as it'll take a while since I buy a new one, I'm forced to take my summer break now. I wanted to have mine in August/September when we move into our new house, but it turned out different...


You can still follow me on Instagram, I will continue posting there.

Wish you all a wonderful summer with sunny weather, cozy summer evenings, fun days in the water, unforgettable travel adventures, fruits, ice-cream and cold drinks! ♥
See you in September! ♥

Jun 19, 2014

Carving stamps

The last days I started carving stamps again. A perfect occupation while watching less interesting soccer games. ;) Are you following the world cup too? :)

A simple design, but the first feather stamp I've carved. :)

Great for embellishing envelopes.

A corn rose stamp. I used it for a birthday card today.

And a camera stamp. The perfect size for small tags. :)

So what did you carve lately? :) I would love to hear about it!

Jun 11, 2014

The winners and recent mailbox happiness

Thank you so much for participating in my little give-away. :) Random.org decided the winners to be:

My mailbox made me very happy lately. :) So many beautiful snail mails!! :D But look for yourself!

The We ♥ Mail package from Zane with beautiful tags and papers.

A great snail mail from Liliana with wonderful regional facts.

Again a beautiful mail from Blanca with so many of her self-carved stamps and a beautiful bracelet!

Happy snail mailing everyone! ♥

Jun 7, 2014

Journal weeks and a reminder

The last two weeks of journaling. :)

And a little reminder that tomorrow is the last day of my spring snail mail give-away.

The weather's awesome these days! :D We're enjoying it so much! :D

Jun 1, 2014

A weekend full of spring and snail mails

I spend the weekend enjoying spring...

...and completing a bunch of snail mails: 4 post cards, 6 spring snail mails, 2 We ♥ Mail swaps, 1 RAK.

We ♥ Mail swaps.

A RAK for Mits to Japan.

Hope you all had a great weekend! :)

May 28, 2014

Spring snail mails and a little give-away

I love spring. :) So I created little snail mails to send out some spring happiness. To some blogger friends and bloggers I admire!

I prepared 10 spring snail mails. :)




Crochet flower paper clips.

And as I recently posted my 100th post and my own birthday was last weekend I would like to make my first GIVE-AWAY! :D
There are 2 spring snail mails remaining and I would love to send them to two of my readers. :) :)

If you want to participate, just leave a comment with your email address in the comments below. The give-away is open till June 8th.
Thank you all so much for reading and wish you all a lovely week! ♥

Ps.: I have Instagram now. :)

May 23, 2014


Busy, busy, busy. And away this weekend. :) :)

What I've been doing lately....

Wish you all a wonderful weekend! :)