Oct 10, 2012

The little things -Strasbourg

Today I would like to show you some inspiring spots I found during a weekend trip to Strasbourg, when we visited a good friend of mine. While we were walking along the streets, I stopped every time I saw something beautiful and took a picture of it. :) I would love to share those pictures with you.

Isn't this house just too cute with its adorable decoration? I'm buy the way a lover of houses, for example half-timber houses. :)

I like the different roofs of the houses, the slightly different colors and the different shapes. :)

Look at this cute house! I love how small it is compared to its neighbours. Like a little child next to its parents. :D

I hope you like my little findings. :)


  1. It's so beautiful! In the place I'm at (kinda rural area compared to cities in S.Korea) it's hard to see such scenery like this; vintage and unique!

    1. Where do you live? Oh, you're also Korean? :D
      Strasbourg is indeed a lovely city, so many wonderful things to discover. But I guess every city is beautiful and you can find lovely spots everywhere. :)

    2. Yes! I'm a Korean!! Good to see a Korean who also speaks english (I missed those species!) I am currently at Cheonan, but I used to live in a tropical country at the equator.
      Strasbourg, where exactly is this place in? :)

    3. I don't know, if I really count, as I was born in Germany. ;)
      But so nice to meet you this way! :) :) Where did you live before?

      Strasbourg is a lovely city in France. Luckily it's not far away from Karlsruhe (the city I live in). :)

    4. Nice to meet you too!
      I was born in Korea but! I started living in Malaysia since I was a baby and I still live there, just that I'm visiting Korea right now :)
      I feel so awkward when I talk or write in Korean (I can but I have no confidence), no wonder I feel like a foreigner here, but neither I speak Malay, I'm a foreigner in both countries >w<

      Strasbourg sure seem like a lovely place! France fascinates me :B

    5. Oh, you're visiting Korea? :) You're so lucky! It's been almost 10 years since I've been in Korea. :*( Miss all my relatives so much!

      Don't feel awkward to talk in Korean! I often feel the same way, but you'll get used to it! :) Being a foreigner in both countrys? That sounds familiar. ;)

    6. I haven't been staying in Korea for most of my life, I feel like a tourist here!
      Haha ok, but I really can't help but feel clumsy when I communicate in Korean! I stutter a lot just because of a phobia of making mistakes!

  2. hallo yoojin,
    habe gerade deinen blog gefunden und diese häuser hier...
    wunderbar!! solche liebe ich auch! da hätt ich ohne zu fotografieren
    auch nicht dran vorbei gehen können!
    in meinem blog gibts gerade häuser der besonderen art zu sehen ;)
    vielleicht magst du mal reinschauen...
    einen schönen 1.advents*sonntag wünscht dir dornrös*chen!


i'm happy about every comment! :) thanks a lot! <3