Dec 3, 2012

Ending a loop scarf - tutorial

I finally finished my loop scarf. :)

I've already told you in the last post about the ending, but today I would like to give you a detailed description of step 5 with images. Hopefully it helps you to finish your loop scarf. :)

After carefully ripping the first row (those stitches you've casted on with a separate yarn in the beginning of the scarf) and slipping the stitches back to a needle, you get two open ends. The upper stitches in the picture are those, which you get after ripping the first row:

Holding both needles pointing to the right, start binding-off the stitches. For this, always knit the first stitches of both left needles (I'll just call them double-stitches) together:

Next, pass the first (right) stitch over the second (left) stitch on the working needle. (In the beginning you have to bind-off a double-stitch two times, so you get two stitches on the working needle. After this, you are able to do this step.)

If you continue like this, binding-off a double-stitch and slipping the first stitch over the second stitch on the working needle, the resulting scarf looks like this, a clear nice seam:

I hope this tutorial makes the process of finishing a scarf clearer to you. If you still have a question, please let me know! :)


  1. Oh danke für das Tutorial! Das werde ich mir gleich mal abspeichern :-)!
    Alles liebe

    1. Gern geschehen. :) Wenn was unklar sein sollte, helfe ich dir gerne weiter. :)
      Liebe Grüße!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial~ I've been thinking about knitting a loop scarf this winter, and just bought some cream colored yarn. :)

    1. Cream color sounds lovely! :) I'm also thinking about knitting me another one. If you have a question while knitting, just let me know. :)

  3. I like that your instructions are clear. And photos are as well;)


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