Jan 27, 2013

Two swaps are on their way :)

I finally finished the textile letters swap for dear Karina, who had to be so patient with me. I hope she likes the little things I prepared for her.

I added some things of the nature: pretty stones and shells I've found during different vacations and a pretty leaf. :)

I also included a couple of selfmade things, like the buttons I've already shown you, a macrame pattern with different reddish yarns (DIY for this pattern coming soon!) and a crocheted doily with a mini hook! When I showed it to my boyfriend, he asked me, if I could iron it, because it wasn't flat. ;)

I also included two pieces of fabric I bought on a trip to Kenya two years ago, a letter, a little origami box with a crane and some mini tags. :)

This is the entire content of the package:

While the first letter included little things to inspire its recipient, the second swap was more "conventional". :) I prepared this one for dear Whitney, who writes a lovely blog!

As she told me her favourite colour was mustard yellow, I bought yarn in this colour and knitted her wrist warmers. :) For this, I tried out knitting braids for the first time and it was quite easy and a lot of fun to make!

I also included some German sweets, some tags and stickers with self-carved stamps, a pretty shell from one of our vacations and a little gingerbread cutter for cute cookies. :)

I hope my swap partners like the swap packages I've prepared for them! :)


  1. I am absolutely freaking out I am SO EXCITED!! You have really made my day and I haven't even opened the package. I hope you like yours too. You'll know the theme when you see it. ^^

    1. Oh, I'm also so excited to get your package! :) And I hope the wrist warmers fit. I had to redo the first one, because at first it was too tight... :)

  2. wow, the writs warmers are so great!

    1. Thanks. :) I should knit more braids. They always look so cute! :)

  3. oh, die stulpen sind ja total süß geworden!
    ich hab das häkeln neulich für mich entdeckt und mache gerade eine heuschrecke im balettröckchen... ^^

  4. Wow, die Armstulpen mit dem Zopfmuster sind wunderschön! (: Du stellst immer so tolle Pakete zusammen, wirklich eine Freude, die anzusehen! (:

    Viele liebe Grüße,


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