May 12, 2013

A crafty weekend

Sorry for the long absence. Life was so busy the last weeks. Work kept me from living my normal life. I had to work almost everyday, no matter if it was weekend or holiday. :(

Last weekend some of my very good friends came and helped me with the wedding preparations. It was a wonderful and fun weekend, full of crafting, talking, laughing and good food. :)

Here are some impressions of the weekend:

The invitations are ready to be send out. :) I'm happy how they turned out and looking forward to showing them to you!
Wish you all a wonderful mothers day! :)


  1. I'm also looking forward to see the final invitations!
    The pizza looks so tasty!! I hope you have less work stress from now on!

  2. Looks like a great weekend!


i'm happy about every comment! :) thanks a lot! <3