Jun 30, 2013

Blog pause and snail mail

Sorry for the long blog absence. We've been on vacation in Tuscany and had visits from the States the last weeks.

I love those small cute italian houses. ♥

Right now there is also a lot of wedding stuff going on, I guess the next two months I won't manage to blog regularly...

I received some beautiful snail mails in the last couple of weeks.
Elise wrote me a second letter...

...and I also prepared something for her. :)

I'm going to show you the other ones in the upcoming week. Wish you all a wonderful Sunday evening and a good start into the next week!


  1. Tuscany, fantastic! I'm planning to visit that gorgeous place in August, I really miss these small hoses!

  2. I like your Snail Mail!
    It looks all very nice.

  3. Just wanted to say that I love your blog and I'm so glad I came across another snail mailer such as myself. Your mail and designs are so wonderful!

    *now following you via Feedly.

    1. Thank you so much! :) Are you Korean too by the way?! :D You have a nice blog too :D


i'm happy about every comment! :) thanks a lot! <3