Oct 14, 2013

Starting monthly projects again...

Wow, my last monthly project was in January this year! The last 8 months I mostly spend my time with wedding stuff, so I'm quite happy to announce a new project for this month OCTOBER! :D Hurray! :D I know it's already the middle of October, but I still want to give it a try. :)

It has a quite boring sounding theme "Travel preparations", BUT don't get mistaken by its title, as it's going to be a very creative month. :) I promise.

I'm looking forward to this project and I'm very excited about it. So let's see what happens. ♥


  1. I love travel preparations! I usually have a notebook for the trip and I make lots of lists about what I'll need!!! By the way, I'm already using your notebook for collage illustrations.

  2. Oh I love your monthly projects !
    I don't prepare my travels (well, not as you do), I'm a little bit messy for that. I only collect maps and travel guides, and I prepare my journey in the plane or during the first night at the hotel.
    Do you travel with your washi tapes and stickers ?

  3. looking forward to see how it develops!


i'm happy about every comment! :) thanks a lot! <3