May 14, 2014

Purple snail mail and doily stamps

Finally I had the time to create a little snail mail for Blanca. I chose the color theme purple, as I know Blanca likes this color. :)

I carved two doily stamps with a simple design. But still a nice way to embellish a gift or a mail. :)

Different papers in the color scheme, flowery sticky notes, a bracelet, washi tape samples and stickers.

Everything wrapped up and ready to be sent out!

I like creating mails with a certain color scheme. In this way the entire mail looks as a whole. ♥


  1. so durchdacht! schön, wie alles harmoniert.

  2. Gorgeous stamps and such a beautifully curated parcel!

  3. What a beautiful theme! Blanca is sure to love all of it. I really like those stamps you made too!

  4. i love doing color or themed letters,it helps me put my ideas together on what to send!
    beautiful mail!


i'm happy about every comment! :) thanks a lot! <3