Nov 8, 2012

November project: Christmas preparation

When I hear "November" I always have to think of the christmas season. It's like a preparation month for all the lovely christmas-y things to come in December. ;)

This year I want to make a lot by myself: the christmas cards, wrapping paper, some of the christmas gifts. This is why I have to start early this year and so I chose this as my November project: Christmas preparation. :)

I'm going to do everything christmas related I allow myself to already do in November. Like brainstorm presents, make christmas stamps, send out advent calendars, start making presents and prepare myself for the christmas season.

By the way, things I don't allow myself to do before December would be for example buying christmas sweets or drinking "glühwein". ;)

November is going to be an exciting month by the way. I'm going to give a basic knitting class for two friends and we're having the third round of "a perfect dinner" with friends at our home. :) So a lot of preparing. I'm really looking forward to this. :)

What are your plans for November? Are you also looking forward to the christmas season?


  1. ich sollte mir auch solangsam ein paar gedanken über die november-themen machen, obwohl wohl viel uni dabei ist. aber du hast sone schöne schrift!! :)

  2. I also plan my christmas preparations like this :) Otherwise I get really confused and stressed, haha

    1. Haha, me too! The only reason I plan so much is to avoid being too stressed. ;)

  3. also irgendwie war ich schon mal total in weihnachtsstimmung als es hier geschneit hat. aber das ist wieder vorbei und nun tu ich mich etwas schwer, obwohl ich auch schon langsam um geschenke schauen wollte... ^^

    1. Bei mir sind's auch eher die selbstgemachten, die im Fokus stehen. Geschenke kaufen tu ich dann wohl eher im Dezember. :)

  4. Ich bin auch schon an der Planung :-)!

    Eine schöne neue Woche,
    alles liebe

  5. you're right !
    November is really the month of preparation of all these little treasures you want to prepare for Christmas. and for me, the month of November is always too short to do everything.... ♥


i'm happy about every comment! :) thanks a lot! <3