Nov 3, 2012

Yarn crafting

This month I did a lot of yarn crafting..until I injured my right wrist during sports. :( And my boyfriend forbid me to do any crafting at all. ;) That's by the way the reason for the little blog pause.

But today I would like to show you what I did the last month.

I wanted to try mini crocheting for a really long time. So I embraced the opportunity and tried it out for the textile letters swap with dear Karina! (I'm going to show you the final swap package in a separate post, but I still haven't finished it yet.)

I bought a really small crochet hook. It's 0.6 mm and I love that it's pink! :D I made a pattern (found on Ravelry) I tried out before with "normal" wool.

Crocheting this pattern with such small thread was kind of exhausting, but really fun! :D I like the pretty colors of the threads. :)

I also made some crocheted buttons. You can find the tutorial here. The only thing I modified was that I didn't glue fabric to the back of the button (as I didn't know which glue to use). So instead I crocheted a back.

And I finally made a mp3 player cover for my boyfriend. :) I know it looks kind of shabby, but he wanted it black and he wanted it without any "specials" (no buttons, no extra pocket...)

My wrist is still not healed entirely, but hopefully soon. Did you do any yarn crafting last month? I would love to see what you've made. :)

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