Feb 9, 2013

A swap to Belgium

Elise asked me if I would like to swap mails with her and I was happy that she asked. :) She started a new letter writing project on her blog, so check it out, if you want to write Elise. :) I'm sure, she's looking for new pen pals. :)

This was the mail, she's sent me:

The cute chocolate broke during its journey, but we enjoyed it anyway. ;)

And this was my response letter.

As she just started her project (and I was the first person she did write to, which made me feel very honored), I tried to include things she might like to use for her next mails. Like the small self-made stationery, the mail stickers and some yarn. :) I also included korean stationery. :)

The mail has already arrived safely at its destination in Belgium. :) I hope it brought some joy to Elise. :)


  1. Sorry for the chocolate, but thank you for your wonderfull letter! I really enjoyed id :),
    you're so friendly

    1. Swapping with you was really fun! Great you've enjoyed my package. :)


i'm happy about every comment! :) thanks a lot! <3