Feb 28, 2013

A snail mail to Celine

Preparing a snail mail for Celine was so much fun! :) I'm a big fan of her lovely blog and the wonderful inspiring pictures she's always posting. :) :)

She surprised me with a wonderful christmas mail in the end of last year! I blogged about it here. So I wanted to send her a snail mail full of hopefully inspiring and creative pieces too.

I tried to stay with soft pink and purple colors and embellished pretty paper with golden stamps. I also folded her a mini origami book made out of one paper. :)

I also made her some tags and added some stickers.

She already blogged about my mail on her blog. Thanks Celine for the wonderful post and the beautiful pictures of my mail! Please don't compare my pictures to hers, I really have to improve my photography skills...;) Celine has such a gift in capturing the details.

This is my last post about the swaps I prepared in February. :) Soon I'll be back to Germany and I'm very much looking forward to the next month and the things to come. :)


  1. lovely snail mail!!! i want to send you too!! do you want to become my new snail mail pal? hehehehehe!! kisses from munich, anastasia

    1. Sure, just write me an email with your address. :) In March I'm pretty busy and I still have a lot of swaps going on, but I should make it in April. :)


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