Aug 9, 2013

Wedding crafting and a summer wedding pause

As you might've imagined, I'm currently very very busy... :) I do a lot of wedding related things; organizing a bunch of stuff but also crafting a lot. I tried to do both, organize the wedding and continue blogging. But to be honest, I can't manage to do both, as you might've guessed by my seldom blog posts. ;)

So this is why I wanna take a break. So I won't feel sorry anymore for not blogging. And I can totally concentrate on all the wedding stuff. It hasn't been too stressful since now, which I'm really happy about, and I hope by taking a break, it'll stay like this till the wedding. :)

While saying goodbye and see you all back in September or October (depending on our honeymoon, which isn't booked yet...;)), I wanted to show you some wedding things, I've been working on the last couple of months. I'm going to show you all the details after the wedding and how everything worked together, but still, I wanted to give you a little preview and insight into my daily evening occupation. ;)

So here I go...

Pompom paper flowers, which I love, because they're soooo pretty!! :)

A couple of hundred origami cranes...

...our ring holder bowl (don't know how to call it), paper "thank you" and fimo tags...

...fabric roses, the groom's, best man's and groomsmen's boutonnieres which took like forever (only one in the picture), the second bow tie prototype (I'm going to sew it with black fabric), a frame for bridesmaids clutches...

...and crocheted heart cake toppers...

...and there's still a lot to do! :D

So thank you for understanding! :)
I wish you all a lovely summer, enjoy the sun and I'm looking forward to see you back in a couple of weeks. :D


  1. You made so many lovely things! Everything is really sweet and pretty. Can't wait to see how it all look in your big day.

  2. Are you doing all this by yourself!!?? I hope you have a lot of lovely friends who help you! It's all very pretty, I love the colours you picked up.

  3. wow you were super busy! Love all the things you prepared! I wish you a wonderful wedding and honey moon and am looking forward to see some wedding pictures when you are back :)


i'm happy about every comment! :) thanks a lot! <3