Sep 12, 2013

I made it 12 months!

Dear lovely readers,
unfortunatelly I missed my blog birthday on Sep 4th. :( Taking a break from all the busy days before and right after the wedding and finally enjoying normal life together as newly-weds, I missed it... But nevertheless, I'm happy to announce that I made it ONE year! Yay! :D I can't believe it's already been 12 months I jumped into the wonderful world of blogging. :)

Looking back, I reeeeeeeaaaally enjoyed it. Sure, after getting engaged and after the wedding preparations started to get really busy, I unfortunatelly hadn't much time for blogging...but still... :) I'm very happy how much fun I had developing my little blog and how I managed to do creative things the entire year! Besides, it was so wonderful getting to know people all around the world over this little blog! :)

I'm also very happy about my small number of readers. Thank you so so much! Your comments and your feedback were great and helped me to continue!! :)

So, I'm very excited to be back, even though for just a couple of weeks, as we plan to FINALLY go on our honeymoon in November!!! In the next weeks I will show you all the details of our self-made wedding decoration and of course a couple of pictures from the wedding too. :)

By the way, my wedding invitations were featured in Katjas wonderful wedding blog: Fraeulein-k-sagt-ja. During the wedding preparations her blog was one of my favourite, as she always posts such beautiful wedding ideas! :) Thank you so much for the nice meeting and the beautiful pictures you took!
I'm also working on another feature of my invitations with much more details about the making-of, coming soon. :)

Source Fraeulein-k-sagt-ja

I'm looking forward to blogging again, even though it's just a little break from my big wedding break. ;)
And @all my swap partners: I already started your swaps and pretty soon you'll receive something nice in your mailbox! :D

Wish you all a lovely day! ♥


  1. Happy 12 months! To keep inspiring and being inspired;-)

  2. Happy Birthday! ;) Auf dass noch viele weitere kreative Blogger-Jahre kommen. Und schön, dass meine Sendung gut angekommen ist und du dich freust ;)
    Lieber Gruß

  3. Happy Blogbirthday! Congratulations for being featured! Your invitations are really wonderful, but I said that before :) Have a great time!

  4. Congratulations! It's a hard work to have a blog as pretty and inspiring as yours!!

  5. Happy birthday to Creating Impossible Gardens <3

  6. Happy Blog Birthday! I'm glad I came across yours as it's now part of my morning reads. ;)

  7. Thanks to all for the birthday wishes. ♥


i'm happy about every comment! :) thanks a lot! <3