Sep 25, 2013

Doing things I love again...:)

Hi everyone! :) :) After all the wedding excitement I started again doing things I love. :)

I finally had the time to take care of our plants...and tried to fight against spider mites ("Spinnmilben" in German). :( Any good advice? They infested two of our orchids and our siamcurcurma...:(

I continued crocheting the retro circle blanket. :)

I carved many stamps the last two weeks and I'm looking forward to showing them to you. :) Here is one of my new stamps: a tag stamp I like to use for snail mail. :)

Also, I finally started to put together swap packages for my pen pals. :) Three are ready to be shipped (details coming soon)! :D

I also wanted to show you a beautiful necklace dear Maggie from Kookooloores gave me as a wedding present...isn't it lovely? She makes these necklaces by herself! You have to check out her shop (DaWanda or Etsy), her necklaces are so beautiful! :D Thank you so much again!!!

I guess some of you are waiting for wedding pictures and I promise, I will show them soon. :) Unfortunatelly, I still had no time to look through the pictures and choose the ones I would like to show you..but I will... :)
Wish you all a lovely week! :)


  1. Wowi, wie schön die Kette auf deinem Blog zu entdecken. Ich freu mich, dass sie dir gefällt!
    Und wegen der Orchideen: ich glaube, die mal in der Dusche ab zu brausen soll helfen...wir hatten das Problem auch schon. Viel Erfolg damit!

    1. Die Kette ist so wunderschön, ich trage sie so gerne!! :) :)
      Abgeduscht habe ich sie, also mal sehen, ob ich das in den Griff kriege. ;)

  2. Love the stamp!!
    And the snailmail parcels! Yay for mail! :)

  3. I really ought to learn how to crochet. I just learned how to knit and love it, but I only know the basics. I'm excited to learn more and try new stitches.

  4. This reminded me that I have to finish knitting a hat that I started this spring, not something I should be proud of,-)

  5. Lovely! And the label Kookooloores of your friend made me remember sweet childhood memories, it was a song of a movie that I likes to watch :)

  6. The necklace is lovely and the color is awesome :)


i'm happy about every comment! :) thanks a lot! <3