Nov 26, 2013

From summer back to winter

We're back from our lovely and wonderful honeymoon!!! :) And I almost froze to death waiting for the train from the airport to Karlsruhe. ;)

While I was away two beautiful parcels arrived. With lovely content. :)

From Doro...

...and from Nina.

And another great thing happened. Finally the other feature of our wedding invitations on Bildpoeten went online. :)

Source Susann Probst

At the end of our honeymoon trip the travel journal looks like this.

The material I collected...

...the weekly overviews...

...and the daily journal.

There's still some things to do. The daily headings are still missing, picture pages have to be printed and the collected materials have to be included into the entire journal. But I'm happy I managed to write down our experiences and all the lovely memories every day. :)

So, I'm very happy to be back and looking forward to December, the christmas month. :D


  1. Wow, it looks amazing! You'll have a perfect memory from a happy special moment. I can't keep my travel journals so clean and tidy!!

  2. Amazing! Hope you had a fabulous time! And so nice to come home and lovely mail is waiting!

  3. Schön, dass meine Post dir gefällt und nach deinem Urlaub ein kleines Willkommensgeschenk war!
    Schönen 1. Advent und ganz liebste Grüße, doro


i'm happy about every comment! :) thanks a lot! <3