Nov 1, 2013

Sewing a simple camera case

Today is a holiday in some parts of Germany. And I am lucky to live in one where this is the case. :) We prepared things for our journey and my husband ♥ asked me to make a case or the like for our new lumix camera which we bought as an easy-to-carry-around camera for our travel.

So I sewed a simple camera case. :)

I created a simple paper pattern and cut out the fabric pieces for inside and outside. I used thick felt fabric for inside, as I was too lazy to use interfacing.

I sewed the fabrics for the inner and outer case together.

Then I put both pieces into each other. I took a picture of this step as I ALWAYS forget how to arrange the pieces correctly. ;)

Then I sewed the remaining parts together, so that the inner and outer case were joined together and left a little space to turn everything inside out.

I sewed the last hole together and added hook and loop fastener (I've never heard this expression before...;)).

Ta-Dah! The finished case. :D Fortunatelly the camera fitted perfectly into the case.

I hope you had a crafty day too! :)

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  1. die ist ja echt süß :)
    leider wohne ich in einem Teil von Deutschland, wo es heute keinen freien Tag gab...
    liebe grüße


i'm happy about every comment! :) thanks a lot! <3