Mar 30, 2014

March "We ♥ Mail": Fairy tales

I loved the March theme of our We ♥ Mail project so much: Fairy tales! :D I've always loved fairy tales and still love to read them. So working on this theme was so much fun for me! I gave the entire theme a modern approach, so this is what I've sent to Juliana (Portugal).

I've bound everything to a little book (as I love doodling mandalas, one on front of the cover), so there are quite many pictures coming, as I had to take pictures of every page separately.

A letter for Juliana and some sticky notes I thought would perfectly fit into the theme.

One of three stamps I've carved for this theme: Little Red Riding Hood (stamped on tags).

Two washi tape samples I associate to fairy tales: A corny, pink and pretty lace pattern and a romantic, blue and winter pattern.

The second stamp I've carved: Mary Poppins with the lovely quote "Don't you know that everybody's got a fairyland of their own?"

A bunch of snippets, stickers, mini tags, origami paper...

The last stamp I've carved: Tinkerbell, one of my favourite fairy tale characters!

An instruction for making stars and some glow-in-the-dark star origami paper.

The happy end. :D


And that's what I've received from dear Sara! Such a beautiful package full of lovely things.

Lovely quotes written on her typewriter, a wolf mask, a beautiful book with a lovely story she's written.

Beautiful tags, a bookmark and beautifully stitched butterfly tags.

This month's theme was so much fun and I'm looking forward to the next month with the theme "easter" or "tasty treats". :D


  1. Aww Can't wait to see other people's opinions :D it's lovely Yoojin. Great work !! xx

  2. What beautiful packages! I'm always so happy to discover fellow snail mail bloggers, especially when their creations are as lovely as yours. :)

  3. Yoojin, I loved your letter, never expected to receive something like that!!

    I didn't have the time to take some pictures and write more about everything you gave me. But I aprecciate so much, I want to do something for you to thank you :)

    Once again, thank you so much! :D

    PS: This is Juliana from Portugal :D


i'm happy about every comment! :) thanks a lot! <3