Mar 9, 2014

We heart Mail - What I received (Jan, Feb)

In January I received a beautiful mail from Margaret, wrapped up in a pretty parcel.

A wonderfully long letter on colorful paper with a cute snail mail stamp in the corner. I really enjoyed getting to know Margaret in her detailed letter. :)

She's sent me gorgeous self-designed stamps: The cute snail, an alphabet and a "my friend" stamp! :D

And great material for snail mailing and journaling.

Thank you so much, Margaret! I enjoyed your mail very much!


And this is the February snail mail with the theme "love" dear Hila's sent me. Look at all the pretty details!

A cloud pet I absolutely adore, cute washi samples, an origami bird and a translation of a hebrew love song! Such a great idea!

A self-made cute little book for love notes, my name in Hebrew :D, a lot of hearts and cute snippets.

Thank you so much for all the pretty things, Hila!

You'll find all snail mails on our project website.

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