Mar 11, 2013

Lovely mail from Whitney

I'm back from my trips. :) Florida has been lovely, we've done so many wonderful things, even though we had to work, and Turkey has been great too. Work went well, so I'm happy and ready to face March! :)

During my absence I got a lovely package from dear Whitney, which made me sooo happy! :) Right now she's living in Korea, but is going to leave Korea soon. She's made me such a wonderful package full of precious things. Opening the package and browsing through all those korea typical wonderful things reminded me so much of my visits to Korea, when I was young. How overwhelmed and totally amazed I've felt when seeing all those wonderful things in a craft store, hardly believing it's not just a dream. ;)

Everything was packed up in a lovely envelope. :) I love the little map and this bird mobilee and I'm excited to put it together and hang it in our home.

The package also included a lovely self-stitched post card from Whitney, wonderful washitape and some snail mail supplies.

She's also send me lovely post cards from Seoul and a cute book for all my thoughts and project plans. :D

It really felt that she packed everything with great care and love. :D Thanks again, Whitney, for all the wonderful things you've send me. I appreciated every little thing of it so much. I hope you'll like mine too. :)

Soon I'm going to tell you about my March project. I'm really looking forward to this month, it's going to be exciting! :D


  1. Beautiful package <3

    one of my forever dreams is to go to Korea,even if it was just to get my self lost in the infinite stationary paradises existing there :D
    i will never grow old ahah

  2. WOW! That is what a call a happy-mail! So great to receive such loveliness in the post!

  3. this is awesome!!! =) xo
    sincerely, whitney

  4. @all: It was indeed a wonderful package to receive! :) :)
    @querido: Hehe, me neither. ;) "Only those who grow up and remain children are human." (by Erich Kästner) :D


i'm happy about every comment! :) thanks a lot! <3