Mar 24, 2013

Invitations in progress...

Today I would like to give you a little insight into the design progress of our wedding invitations. :)

There are two things I would like to include into our invitations: the colors we chose and a symbol I would like to design for our wedding.
We chose colors that match us, natural (neutral) colors, like brown, cream, beige and other pale colors. And as we love plants and gardening, we chose green for our contrast color and a plant, leaf or tree for our symbol (still not decided, which one).

I also want to add my love for crafting to our wedding. Therefore I want to sew parts of the invitation together and I want to embellish everything with self-designed and carved stamps. :)
So this is the material, we're going to use: kraft cardboard, natural white paper, green thread, white-green bakers twine, ink pads and possibly green washi tape.

These were our first attempts to sew cardboard. ;) I'm not a great sewer, so if anyone has a good advice for sewing cardboard, please let me know!

I wanted to make a folder to keep everything together, so my made of honor and I made some prototypes. We started folding the folders, or better say, she started folding, I was still designing the content. ;)

This weekend I'm putting a lot of effort into the design of our symbol and the content of the invitations. :) I'm looking forward to showing the results to you!


  1. That's so exciting! Wish you all the best for your preparations! I would also make the most myself, it makes it so much more personal.

    1. I think so too and that's the reason I'm so busy lately. ;)

  2. The one piece of helpful advice I can give about sewing on thick paper (cardboard or cardstock) is to pre-punch the holes for your stitches before you start sewing. You can use a needle and something heavy to tap out the holes. Just be sure to put the cardboard on top of something that can be hit with a needle many times! I'm so excited to see how these turn out!!

    1. Fortunately the card board was thin enough I could sew it without pre-punching wholes! Otherwise it would've taken too much time. But still, thanks for the advice! :)

  3. Great ideas you got there :)
    Looking forward to see the progress!


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