Mar 27, 2013

March snail mails

In March I received two wonderful swaps! :)

This one was from Aafke. She's prepared a wonderful package for me, full of nature. :) She's sent me some self-grown hay, carrot seeds, self-made tea...

...a pretty shell and a cute letter. I loved her idea to use natural things as stationery. So the notes were written on leafs and the letter was written on a soft tree bark!!

Thank you so much for the sweet swap! :)

The second one was from Blanca. Her package was filled with pretty little things. She decorated the envelope so beautifully with self-drawn things and stamps!
She's sent me a letter and some tags and butterflies. :)

She's also sent me tea related things: Her favourite cookies, tea and some candies! :) I love that she wrapped everything so prettily.

I love the pretty paper she's sent me (in the back), the cute stickers (I love stickers!) and the cute little beaver! :D

Thanks for all the treasures you've sent me, Blanca!

I really enjoyed both swaps! Unfortunatelly, I still didn't had the time to answer yet, but I will prepare something nice soon! Thanks for the patience!!


  1. I'm happy to see you like my swap :)
    Can't wait to receive your swap!! Have a wonderful March!

    1. I'm working on it and hope to send it on Monday! :)

  2. I'm swapping with Blanca too! I am even more excited now. Her package to you is amazing. ^^

    1. I really enjoyed her package! You'll be very happy for sure. :D

  3. Hi,
    I've nominated you for the Liebster award,
    information is on my blog! Hope you will join :)



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