Jan 19, 2014

Envelope folding technique

I would like to end this week's theme with a little DIY. I've found this envelope folding technique years ago in one book I borrowed from the library. And since then I like to use it sometimes to create a fun envelope. :)

All you need is paper and your hands. :)

Fold the paper horizontally, but only at the ends, otherwise you will get not a nice crease in the middle of the front of your envelope.

Fold the corners aligning the middle crease.

Fold the lower and upper part aligning the middle crease.

Fold the left and right part aligning the lower and upper end of the envelope

Put the corners inside.

You're done! :)

Now you can embellish the envelope as you like.

I hope you like this little DIY. Even though my explanations are poor, I hope you get the DIY by looking at the pictures. ;)


  1. oh, that's a very nice tutorial! Thank you for sharing!

  2. You're the folder queen, I still remember the way you folded one of your letters, it so cute!


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