Jan 16, 2014

Envelope stamps

As you all know I love stamps. And I love to use stamps to embellish envelopes. :)

As I like to use a stamp for highlighting the receiver address, I wanted to carve a "from" stamp for quite a long time. For this stamp I used a very simple design, as I wanted it to match any "to" stamp.

I also carved a new matching set of "from" and "to" stamps.

If you send out an international letter, you normally should put a "priority" sticker on the envelope. As I don't always have one, I carved my own "priority" stamp for it. :)
And I think it's always nice if the envelope is embellished with additional little stamps, as the "mail" stamp you might've seen on my blog a couple of times...

...or this new "Sent with ♥" stamp. :)

Happy snailmailing everyone! :)


  1. I've just carved a new stamp for you next letter!!! I'm in "full-time-carving" mode those days. Have you seen my Holmes stamp on my instagram (@caconetes)?

    1. Unfortunatelly I don't have instagram as I don't own a smartphone. :( Is there any other way to get a look at it? I would love to see it!

    2. I managed to see the stamp!!! It's lovely! I'm a huge Sherlock fan by the way, read all the books. <3 <3


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