Jan 21, 2014

Stationery ideas

This week's snail mail theme is "stationery"! :)

Like last week, I picked out nice stationery ideas from letters I got during the last years to show you:

Using pretty stationery paper, for instance with cute little stickers on it, ...

...turning "normal" lined or checked paper into stationery, typing on a typewriter instead of handwriting...

...or writing on your own stationery embellished with pretty stamps. Stamps, especially self-carved ones, make everything prettier. ♥

I also love the idea to sew a small envelope containing the actual letter...

...or using a little tag or card instead of normal stationery paper!

Especially selfmade ones are great to receive! :)

And last but not least, the most extraordinary stationery I received was part of a tree bark! :D

Have fun with creating your next snail mail! :)


  1. Always a pleasure to see all that beautiful snailmail!

  2. I already tried all this things :D Letters are magical <3

  3. That tree bark letter is really something very different. I think its always fun to play with the stationery items and to come up with something best out of the waste.


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