Feb 5, 2014

How I keep my journal

I like to keep the memories of our daily life, how we spend our days and the experiences we made. I love to browse through an old journal and read about our life and things I already forgot. :)

As I don't like to keep a journal with white pages, I used calendars as journals the last years.

In addition to merely write down facts, I often embellished the pages with stickers, washi tape, drawings and snippets like receipts or tickets.

This system worked for me the last years, so I decided to continue using a calendar for journaling in 2014 too. :) These are some pages from this year.

The last years I mainly wrote down plain text for journaling. But when looking at the pages later on, sometimes I find it quite confusing and hard to find special events. So this year I would like to modify my journaling with more sketches and "structure". This means highlighting special occasions or activities by using a different color, stamps etc..

So this is going to be this year's challenge and I'm looking forward to doing it. :)

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