Feb 11, 2014

I ♥ my RoterFaden! - The extras

I showed you the main parts in the last post and this time I would like to show you the extras I especially arranged for my RoterFaden. As all the clips where occupied by the three notebooks, I used two elastic bands from my former X17 to add extras.

The extras

The first elastic band includes a dashboard for my current todos categorized into urgent and general todos, as well as a current shopping list for the next time I'm in the city, ...

... an overview of the We ♥ Mail project (including all the themes and monthly pen pals), as well as all of my current correspondences.

The second one holds all the things I like to use for embellishing my calendar, like sticky notes, photo corners,...

...stickers, clips...

...and washi tape samples.

And last but not least, stamps for all the letters I'm sending out and some sheets for notes.

For my blog organization/project idea notebook I made clips with a tab to create an easy access to the different categories.

As you can imagine, my RoterFaden is quite heavy, but I love to carry it around with me every day. :D


  1. Never did I have such a sweet notebooks andorned with so many details. SO. Many. Details!

  2. Ok, jetzt werd ich melancholisch. Der gute alte Organizwe schaut so nett aus bei Dir. Ich hätte das auch gerne (wieder). Statt dessen wird alles immer nur noch digital, obwohl ich das Haitische so mag. Vielleicht sollte ich auch mal wieder...
    Merci für die Inspiration!

    1. Ich hab schon immer viel lieber Sachen aufgeschrieben, als alles digital festzuhalten. Es inspiriert mich einfach mehr und es ist so viel schöner etwas Konkretes in der Hand zu haben, wenn man Jahre später ein wenig in alten Erinnerungen schwelgen will. :D

      Euch noch eine wundervolle Zeit im Urlaub!!! :D

  3. What do you put your washi tape on to travel??

    1. I used old plastic cards or plastic cover sheets and cut them into the right size.


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