Sep 13, 2012

Last journey preparations

Last preparations for our journey are going on...:)

For collecting every ticket, map, post card, snippet of magazine, etc., I made little pockets for every day. Normally I just collect everything in one big envelope. But back home, it's quite exhausting to arrange everything. So this time I'll use separate pockets. :) I added some extra paper, just in case I'm suddenly in the mood of writing something down for our travel never know. :)

I've never felt so prepared for a journey like this time. :)
Wish you a great and wonderful time, while I'm gone! See you in 10 days! :)


  1. Enjoy the trip. Miss you and your mails already :(

  2. what great organization !
    good ideas for preparing a travel book !


i'm happy about every comment! :) thanks a lot! <3