Sep 9, 2012

September project: Travel Journals

I actually wanted September to be a knitting month. After a long knitting pause, my fingers are itching (do you say this or is it just a German expression?!).

BUT we recently booked a second vacation in the middle of September. A vacation hopefully full of good weather, lovely water, snorkling, hiking, taking fotos, relaxing, a lot of quality time and yummy food. Our destination: Sicily! :) :)

So I decided to work on our travel journals in September.

Ahhhh, travel journals! I love and hate them at the same time!
I love the idea of them and I stockpile every little snippet of our vacations, but I've NEVER finished a travel journal yet! It's shocking and kind of depressing...

The list of "real" vacations together are by luck not that long....YET! But I'm getting nervous...and kind of worried. That somehow the list is going to be so long that there is no way making all the travel journals in a lifetime...
(And I'm only talking about the travels we made together and totally ignoring the vacations I made without him...)

So this is my plan for this month:

Is this doable? I hope so! I don't wanna fail at the first project I blog about. :)
What about you? Do you have any project plans for September?


  1. I love travel journals! I think this is such a great project. Have fun on vacation! :)

    1. Thanks Meredith! :) I'm so looking forward to it! :) I hope to finish one of our travel journals in September. :)


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