Sep 7, 2012

Monthly project plans

To integrate more creativity into my everyday life I like to do monthly project plans! Yes, I know, this sounds kind of scary and pressurizing....but for me it works! :)

I tend to do "wrong" plans a lot in the past. Too many resolutions and to-dos often resulted in feeling overwhelmed and nothing achieving at all! 

So instead of making a long list of different things I want to do in the upcoming month, I choose one topic. Just one topic I would like to focus on in this month.
This can be very manifold...and also quite monotonous - if I'm in a knitting phase, so what? I'll just have five knitting-months in a row.
You get the idea? :)

This was my project plan for August:

And I did it! I started blogging (not in August...but still, I think it counts)! :D
What about you? How do you integrate creativity into your daily routine?


  1. Hi Yoo Jin, check out this blog, I have a feeling you guys have a lot similarities in term of style .... Have an awesome planning for your days!

    1. Thanks for the link, Refine! :) I will definitely check it out! ♥

  2. Hello Yoojin
    I discovered your blog a few days ago and you're so inspiring ! I love the idea of making monthly plans, maybe I'll try... I often forget about creativity and this can help me for sure !

    1. Thanks for reminding me. :) I haven't done a monthly project for such a long time, since wedding preparations made me busy. But I should start with a new one this month. :)


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