Sep 9, 2012

Swap - From Germany to Singapore

I already showed you the swap package I got from my swap partner Refine. Today I would like to share with you what I made for her.

The theme was handmade stationery! :) As I decided to mainly go with stamps, I started to carve like a maniac for a couple of days. You should've seen our living-room I misused for my studio! Unfortunatelly Luckily no one made an evidence photo of my mess! ;)

After carving a lot of stamps (I'm going to show them in detail in a separate post) I started stamping: sheets of writing paper, envelopes, p.s. cards, little tags and stickers (I LOVE stickers! :D).

Then I made some origami heart post cards (with a little origami crane stamp on the back).

I added a little origami mini book (love this pattern!), a crane for luck, a little note to my swap partner and some of my favourite tea. :)

Everything wrapped up and sent to Singapore! :) Fortunatelly it arrived safely. :)

Lovely Refine posted about the swap too on her blog, in case you're interested. :)


  1. Are the leaves on the envelope also a stamp? I'd love to see the stamps :D

    1. Yes, the leave on the envelope is also stamp. :) I'm going to show them soon! :)

  2. whow it is so nice. You have made something beatiful!


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