Apr 8, 2014

Regional and cooking swap

I did a regional and cooking swap with Cristina: Tell the other one something about where she lives and exchange a recipe. :)

So this is the lovely mail I received a couple of weeks ago:

Cristina's sent me green chile dip powder with a recipe, chili and cooking tags, a "howdy" (that's what they say in Texas ;)) card and magnet, postcards from Texas, a bandana, cute selfmade post cards with a super cute armadillo and some facts about Texas. :D
I loved reading about her home state and I enjoyed every piece of the beautiful package!

I sent Cristina a German recipe for potato pancakes, a Berlin tv tower DIY card, a topographic map of Germany...

...facts about Germany, a cupcake paper clip, some kitchenware sticky notes, ...

...and cooking cards for recipes and stickers. :)

Preparing the swap was so much fun! Thanks again for the great swap, Cristina! :)


  1. Such a nice idea to make themed swaps :)

  2. die k├╝chenutensilienstempelserie ist eine meiner liebsten.


i'm happy about every comment! :) thanks a lot! <3