Jan 27, 2013

Two swaps are on their way :)

I finally finished the textile letters swap for dear Karina, who had to be so patient with me. I hope she likes the little things I prepared for her.

I added some things of the nature: pretty stones and shells I've found during different vacations and a pretty leaf. :)

I also included a couple of selfmade things, like the buttons I've already shown you, a macrame pattern with different reddish yarns (DIY for this pattern coming soon!) and a crocheted doily with a mini hook! When I showed it to my boyfriend, he asked me, if I could iron it, because it wasn't flat. ;)

I also included two pieces of fabric I bought on a trip to Kenya two years ago, a letter, a little origami box with a crane and some mini tags. :)

This is the entire content of the package:

While the first letter included little things to inspire its recipient, the second swap was more "conventional". :) I prepared this one for dear Whitney, who writes a lovely blog!

As she told me her favourite colour was mustard yellow, I bought yarn in this colour and knitted her wrist warmers. :) For this, I tried out knitting braids for the first time and it was quite easy and a lot of fun to make!

I also included some German sweets, some tags and stickers with self-carved stamps, a pretty shell from one of our vacations and a little gingerbread cutter for cute cookies. :)

I hope my swap partners like the swap packages I've prepared for them! :)

Jan 21, 2013

A snail mail surprise

I'm so sorry, I've neglected my blog so much in the last weeks. But I'm just so busy in personal life AND work! The worst combination. ;)

I got a wonderful snail mail surprise from dear Isthar at the end of last week, which I would love to show you! :D If you don't know her blog, you have to check it out! It's one of my favourites!

I didn't expect the snail mail, because she didn't inform me that she dropped it in the mail. So the surprise was even bigger. :)

Look at all the wonderful little treasures she's sent me! I love the pretty envelope by the way! :)

I'm a huge fan of her beautiful illustrations and was so happy to receive those cards!!! In the corner you see a small little red book she made for me! Isn't it cute? :D

If you open the book, the first page shows a little girl saying "Hello!". Haha, I just love that! :D So cute! She's also sent me tags with wonderful stamps she's made this year! Look at the beautiful china inspired carvings!

Thanks so much, Ishtar! I enjoyed your mail so much! I already have some ideas, what to send you!

So, it's already the end of the month (it's kind of scary how fast the time has flown again)! I still have a lot of snail mail to do this month! But I've prepared two swaps during the last weeks and I'm looking forward to showing them to you! :) :)
Wish you all a wonderful start into the week! :) :)

Jan 7, 2013

Happy new year everyone! :) :)

At the end of every year I'm amazed at how fast the time has flown, but also very excited what the next year is going to bring. :D

I normally like to make resolutions in the beginning of a new year. You just get into the feeling of "being reborn". ;) It's like a new chance to change your life in some kind of way....

But this year I won't make any resolutions! I just want to take everything as it comes. Make the best of everything, do what I love and enjoy every day! :) :)

The new year's first project is going to be something I really love but have neglected for the last months: Taking care of my correspondences. :)

There are couple of swaps waiting to be sent out and I'm looking forward to prepare them and also excited to blog about it.

Hope you had wonderful holidays and wish you all a wonderful start into the new year 2013!