Jun 30, 2013

Blog pause and snail mail

Sorry for the long blog absence. We've been on vacation in Tuscany and had visits from the States the last weeks.

I love those small cute italian houses. ♥

Right now there is also a lot of wedding stuff going on, I guess the next two months I won't manage to blog regularly...

I received some beautiful snail mails in the last couple of weeks.
Elise wrote me a second letter...

...and I also prepared something for her. :)

I'm going to show you the other ones in the upcoming week. Wish you all a wonderful Sunday evening and a good start into the next week!

Jun 2, 2013

Blogging the next months

Time flies...it's unbelievable! Only 3 months to go...

As you might've recognized I stopped with my monthly creative projects, as with all the wedding preparations I don't have the time to follow an extra monthly project. But I hope to start again after the wedding. :)

So the next months are going to be a lot of wedding crafting, but also single project ideas, that wander around my head. :)

For instance the retro circles blanket I wanted to crochet for almost a year now. I immediately got addicted to crocheting again. ;)

A friend of mine sewed the stripped bag as a birthday gift for me by the way! ♥

In the news they said next week is going to get warm...FINALLY! :D I hope for the best, as our plants and me desperately need sun and good weather! Wish you all a good start into the week! ♥