Feb 28, 2013

A snail mail to Celine

Preparing a snail mail for Celine was so much fun! :) I'm a big fan of her lovely blog and the wonderful inspiring pictures she's always posting. :) :)

She surprised me with a wonderful christmas mail in the end of last year! I blogged about it here. So I wanted to send her a snail mail full of hopefully inspiring and creative pieces too.

I tried to stay with soft pink and purple colors and embellished pretty paper with golden stamps. I also folded her a mini origami book made out of one paper. :)

I also made her some tags and added some stickers.

She already blogged about my mail on her blog. Thanks Celine for the wonderful post and the beautiful pictures of my mail! Please don't compare my pictures to hers, I really have to improve my photography skills...;) Celine has such a gift in capturing the details.

This is my last post about the swaps I prepared in February. :) Soon I'll be back to Germany and I'm very much looking forward to the next month and the things to come. :)

Feb 19, 2013

A Korea inspired snail mail

When Ishtar asked me to swap with her, I felt very honored and lucky. :) I've loved her blog for such a long time now and I was so happy to receive her wonderful mail (see here).

I tried to make her a Korea inspired snail mail, as I know she likes Korea. :)
I included some korean letter paper, stickers, star folding paper and tea.

And a lovely korean stamp. :) I also made her some origami crane tags and carved a stamp with her name in Korean and a little bird. :)

This was the second swap I prepared in January. :)

Feb 9, 2013

A swap to Belgium

Elise asked me if I would like to swap mails with her and I was happy that she asked. :) She started a new letter writing project on her blog, so check it out, if you want to write Elise. :) I'm sure, she's looking for new pen pals. :)

This was the mail, she's sent me:

The cute chocolate broke during its journey, but we enjoyed it anyway. ;)

And this was my response letter.

As she just started her project (and I was the first person she did write to, which made me feel very honored), I tried to include things she might like to use for her next mails. Like the small self-made stationery, the mail stickers and some yarn. :) I also included korean stationery. :)

The mail has already arrived safely at its destination in Belgium. :) I hope it brought some joy to Elise. :)

Feb 3, 2013

Last swaps and next month

The last days I was working on three last swaps for January, which has been waiting for some time now. Sorry for those, who had to wait to receive their swap mail!

Those are the mails I've prepared. :)

I'm going to be away a lot in February. Sadly no (real) vacation, mainly work. :( A lot of work! :( But still, I'll enjoy this month anyway! :)

So in February I won't have the time for a project, but since I don't want to stop blogging for an entire month, I thought about showing you the three swap mails during the next weeks. :) One by one. :)

Wish you a wonderful new month and hope you'll stop by! ♥