Jul 4, 2014

A forced summer break

A week ago my laptop broke down. :( And as it'll take a while since I buy a new one, I'm forced to take my summer break now. I wanted to have mine in August/September when we move into our new house, but it turned out different...


You can still follow me on Instagram, I will continue posting there.

Wish you all a wonderful summer with sunny weather, cozy summer evenings, fun days in the water, unforgettable travel adventures, fruits, ice-cream and cold drinks! ♥
See you in September! ♥

Jun 19, 2014

Carving stamps

The last days I started carving stamps again. A perfect occupation while watching less interesting soccer games. ;) Are you following the world cup too? :)

A simple design, but the first feather stamp I've carved. :)

Great for embellishing envelopes.

A corn rose stamp. I used it for a birthday card today.

And a camera stamp. The perfect size for small tags. :)

So what did you carve lately? :) I would love to hear about it!

Jun 11, 2014

The winners and recent mailbox happiness

Thank you so much for participating in my little give-away. :) Random.org decided the winners to be:

My mailbox made me very happy lately. :) So many beautiful snail mails!! :D But look for yourself!

The We ♥ Mail package from Zane with beautiful tags and papers.

A great snail mail from Liliana with wonderful regional facts.

Again a beautiful mail from Blanca with so many of her self-carved stamps and a beautiful bracelet!

Happy snail mailing everyone! ♥

Jun 7, 2014

Journal weeks and a reminder

The last two weeks of journaling. :)

And a little reminder that tomorrow is the last day of my spring snail mail give-away.

The weather's awesome these days! :D We're enjoying it so much! :D

Jun 1, 2014

A weekend full of spring and snail mails

I spend the weekend enjoying spring...

...and completing a bunch of snail mails: 4 post cards, 6 spring snail mails, 2 We ♥ Mail swaps, 1 RAK.

We ♥ Mail swaps.

A RAK for Mits to Japan.

Hope you all had a great weekend! :)

May 28, 2014

Spring snail mails and a little give-away

I love spring. :) So I created little snail mails to send out some spring happiness. To some blogger friends and bloggers I admire!

I prepared 10 spring snail mails. :)




Crochet flower paper clips.

And as I recently posted my 100th post and my own birthday was last weekend I would like to make my first GIVE-AWAY! :D
There are 2 spring snail mails remaining and I would love to send them to two of my readers. :) :)

If you want to participate, just leave a comment with your email address in the comments below. The give-away is open till June 8th.
Thank you all so much for reading and wish you all a lovely week! ♥

Ps.: I have Instagram now. :)

May 23, 2014


Busy, busy, busy. And away this weekend. :) :)

What I've been doing lately....

Wish you all a wonderful weekend! :)

May 14, 2014

Purple snail mail and doily stamps

Finally I had the time to create a little snail mail for Blanca. I chose the color theme purple, as I know Blanca likes this color. :)

I carved two doily stamps with a simple design. But still a nice way to embellish a gift or a mail. :)

Different papers in the color scheme, flowery sticky notes, a bracelet, washi tape samples and stickers.

Everything wrapped up and ready to be sent out!

I like creating mails with a certain color scheme. In this way the entire mail looks as a whole. ♥

May 9, 2014

Journal weeks and a bracelet

Before I'm heading out to a long weekend a little post to wish you all a relaxing and joyful weekend! :)

April week IV

May week I

Working on a purple-colored snail mail, soon to be sent out. A little bracelet I made for it.

Hopefully the weather will be good the next days! Don't forget saying thanks on Sunday, by the way! ♥

May 4, 2014

Macrame bracelet tutorial

A while ago I made this bracelet. And as promised I finally made a little tutorial for the macrame pattern.

You need an even number of colors, 2 threads each. I used the colors white, yellow, light blue and mint.

I sorted the color in this order: white (2x), light blue (2x), mint (2x) and yellow (2x). This results into yellow-light blue and white-mint rows. Keep that in mind when deciding the order!

You only need two sorts of knots (I unfortunatelly don't know the actual names of the knots):
- 2 right knots in sequence with the same threads...

...make this final "right double knot".

- 2 left knots in sequence with the same threads...

...make this final "left double knot".

So, the bracelet pattern works like this:

1. row: Make 3 right double knots with the first color (white) showing.

Make two left double knots with the 3rd color (mint) showing.

Make 2 right double knots with the first color (white) showing.

So this is the final row:

2. row: Make 2 right double knots with the first color (white) showing. Make two left double knots with the 3rd color (mint) showing. Make 3 right double knots with the first color (white) showing.

Repeat this pattern until the bracelet is as long as you like.
Just add as many colors as you want, but it should be an even number of colors, if its uneven the same color will be side by side.

Pretty easy, right? :D
Wish you all a wonderful week! ♥

Apr 30, 2014

Hugs from behind

I loved to draw mangas when I was younger. Today I drew a little like back then. Thinking of these heart-warming little words.

Three letters and one package got sent out in the end of April. Hopefully all of them will bring a little smile to the receivers. ♥

Wish you all a lovely start into May! The Germans will appreciate the public holiday tomorrow. :)

Apr 25, 2014

April We ♥ Mail - Easter swap

Due to unfortunate changes in our project, I had to send out the April snail mail later as planned and to another person than originally decided. So my April mail with the theme "easter" - not a surprise - was sent to Sharon living in UK. :)

I decided to weave an easter basket to hold all the little things I've prepared with brown craft paper. I made the basket flat and the handle movable, so it would fit into a parcel. :)

Again I carved a theme-related stamp: An easter egg I've already shown you on my journal page. I used it for cards and tags.

To fold some origami bunnies, I picked this lovely video tutorial to make super cute bunny bags. Perfect to hold tasty treats! :)

I always like to add stickers embellished with self-carved stamps, as well as some journaling cards and bunny stickers. :)

A little easter cookie recipe for Sharon to bake her own tasty treats and some crocheted egg ornaments.

Even it's a little belated, I still hope you'll enjoy the mail, Sharon! :)


I also received my April mail from Kim from the Netherlands.
She's sent me such a cute package! I loved the decoration of the parcel so much! :D

A cute letter, a Dutch recipe...

...tasty sweets, ribbons in the typical Dutch colors, ink for dyeing eggs...

...and beautiful stationary: A card, pretty journaling cards, lovely tags and cute selfmade stickers for snail mailing!

Thank you, Kim! ♥ I enjoyed opening and exploring your cute snail mail so much! :)