Apr 16, 2013

Last weekend...

This is how our dining-table looks lately. There's just too little space on my working desk and I always create a huge mess while working. I just can't work without this mess. ;)

Finally I'm going to finish the invitations this week. I'm very excited to show them to you. :) :)

Last weekend I also prepared two swaps, ready to be shipped!! Thanks so much for the patience.

One for Aafke: Selfmade tags, an origami bunny, some stickers, a stamp, a shell, some seeds for her garden...

And one for Blanca: Selfmade tags, pretty purple paper, origami paper, some stickers, a crocheted little basket, bakers twine, a pen...

The weather is so sunny and wonderful since the weekend. This lifts everyone's spirits. :D
Wish you all a lovely week! :)

Apr 6, 2013

Finally the design is decided on...

It's already April and finally the design of the invitations are almost done. :) With the help of my MOH I worked a lot on the invitations. While she was spending her time cutting and folding the folders, I designed the content and started sewing the invitations together.

Here are the folded and partially sewed folders.

My fiancé and I chose fern for our wedding symbol, as its shape is versatile and we love its playful look. :) So I carved lots of fern stamps for the invitation:

I also created a little logo with the first letters of our first names. :) We wanted it simple with little scrollwork, so it wouldn't be too corny. ;)

I loved carving the stamps. But I still have problems to carve letters. They never turn out as good as the drawn one. If anyone has a good advice for carving letters, please let me know!! I had to carve our logo 5 times till I was more or less content with the result. I'm a perfectionist...I know. ;)

And finally I finished drawing the program and the map.

Now everything has to be scanned, put together on the computer, printed out, cut to the right size and embellished with stamps!
I'm excited how the final invitation will turn out and looking forward to showing you the result. :) We want to send them out in the middle of April, so 1-2 weeks to go! :D