May 21, 2013

Tadaa....our wedding invitations!

Today I would love to show you our final wedding invitations! :) I've already shown you parts of it and now I'm happy to show you the final result. :D We sent them out last week and hope they'll arrive at their destinations safely.

I carved five different stamps for the invitation, mostly various farn stamps. ;) I wanted the invitations to be hand-crafted and selfmade (with a lot of ♥ :D) and chose a design and style that suit us both. :)

I hand-wrote the main invitation, the lettering of our names, the headlines and drew all the illustrations by myself. At the end I scanned the handwritten and drawn parts, put everything together and printed it on special paper.

Thanks again to my MOH, she is the best! :* I couldn't have done it without her help! ♥ Or at least it would've taken years! ;)

P.s.: As so many emails arrive me asking where I got the kraft cardboard from our wedding invitations, this is the shop. In this post I give a little more information about the cardboard. Have fun! :)

May 12, 2013

A crafty weekend

Sorry for the long absence. Life was so busy the last weeks. Work kept me from living my normal life. I had to work almost everyday, no matter if it was weekend or holiday. :(

Last weekend some of my very good friends came and helped me with the wedding preparations. It was a wonderful and fun weekend, full of crafting, talking, laughing and good food. :)

Here are some impressions of the weekend:

The invitations are ready to be send out. :) I'm happy how they turned out and looking forward to showing them to you!
Wish you all a wonderful mothers day! :)