Dec 6, 2013

My swap with Adriana

I love Adriana's blog. She's so talented! I've found her over The Happy Mail Project and asked her if she'd like to swap with me and this is the outcome. :)

This is the beautiful mail I got from her. I love the parcel and the stamp so much!!

A nature inspired mail with pretty little pieces.

Tea, yarn and a cute button! :D

And this is what I've sent her.
If anyone is interested in the pear coaster pattern (only in German, but if you have questions, just ask :)), check this out.

By the way, Adriana blogged about our swap too. :)

Dec 4, 2013

Another snail mail to Spain

This week I will continue to show you the missing snail mails and the last two weeks before christmas, I'm going to post some christmas-related things. So the plan. :)

This is the last swap I've sent to Blanca. I made her a crocheted mandala and filled the swap with some tags, selfmade mini envelopes and other things I hope she enjoyed. :)

I hope the christmas season inspires you to send out a few more mails than during the year. ♥

Dec 2, 2013

Snail mail happiness from Spain

Blancas snail mails are always so pretty! Every time I feel honored she's sent me such a beautiful composition. I love the stationary she used to write on. It's so cheerful! :)

A pamphlet from a Japanese art exhibition.

Wonderfully painted tags and pretty stamped envelopes. I love the teapot and the flying blowball seed.

A cute selfmade little plant. Unfortunatelly one leaf broke during its trip, but I fixed it. :)

Thanks for this beautiful swap! ♥