Oct 29, 2013

Preparing some paper for the travel kit

I spend the evenings with preparing the travel kit for our honeymoon. ♥ I carved some stamps and made some tags/papers for our travel journal. :)

I carved two mini food stamps (appetizer = tablespoon (soup)/glass for sparkling wine, main course = fork & knife/wine glass, dessert = teaspoon/espresso cup). I like the idea, but I have to carve bigger and nicer stamps for it sometime.

I also carved some animal stamps, we might see on our trip. :D A fish stamp and two turtle stamps. I so hope to see a lot of turtles on our vacation!!

We are quite busy with travel preparations the last days. We even bought an underwater camera! I'm looking forward to filming and taking pictures while snorkeling. :D Anyone got experience with taking pictures under water? :)

Oct 21, 2013

Blue-green colored mail

Again a lovely mail from Elise.

I especially loved the pictures from her trip to Marocco and the letter typed with her new typewriter. :)

Thank you so much, dear Elise! :)

Oct 17, 2013

Our wedding decoration

Unfortunatelly, I was so busy with all the preparations I totally forgot to take pictures of everything. ;) So I had to put together pictures from different sources. Some were taken by our photographer Josef, some by guests and some after the wedding by myself.

I definitely wanted to make this flower garland, as I totally fell in love with it. I first wanted to hang it in front of the dance floor, but it was way to small for the big room. So finally, we hung it right behind our seats in the room to "highlight" where we sat.

We decorated our tables simple with delicate details. :)

We asked our guests to fold origami cranes for us, as we folded 900 during our engagement period and wanted 1000 in total as a good sign for our marriage. :)

The guest favours were different succulents with a "thank you" and a fimo tag with our sign and the fern stamp. I especially loved the flowers we picked out for the decoration.

Of course I made a lot of pompom paper flowers. :) And garlands out of the hundred of cranes we made. :)

The cake toppers on top of our super yummy wedding cake. :)

We also prepared a little guest table with different material to write into the guest book and take pictures with our instax picture camera. Surprisingly the guest table was occupied almost the entire evening. :) And our guest book showed that our guests had a lot of fun writing, drawing and embellishing. :D

Different materials...

...and our instax camera.

During the wedding ceremony we handed out little pieces of fabric, which I'm going to sew into one blanket. I hope I'll manage to sew it. :)

So this is how the entire room looked like.

The location was so beautiful and it suited us so perfectly. :) It's hard to capture the atmosphere in pictures, but I hope you get the feeling of how everything worked together on that special day. :)

Oct 14, 2013

Starting monthly projects again...

Wow, my last monthly project was in January this year! The last 8 months I mostly spend my time with wedding stuff, so I'm quite happy to announce a new project for this month OCTOBER! :D Hurray! :D I know it's already the middle of October, but I still want to give it a try. :)

It has a quite boring sounding theme "Travel preparations", BUT don't get mistaken by its title, as it's going to be a very creative month. :) I promise.

I'm looking forward to this project and I'm very excited about it. So let's see what happens. ♥

Oct 8, 2013

THE day :)

We got married! :) :)
I know everyone got that already, but how incredible is this?! :D :D

This was my bouquet...:) Isn't it pretty?! :D

Our photographer was Josef. He takes amazing pictures and is super nice. :) I know him from schooldays back in Cologne. But we didn't book him because I know him, we booked him because of the gorgeous pictures he takes. :D Check out his website for further information. ;)

In this post I want to show you the person-related things I made...so let's begin...:)

I made one white and four yellow boutonnières for the groom, the best man and the groomsmen.

I sewed six clutches for me, my maid of honor and the bridesmaids...

...and courtages for my maid of honor and the bridesmaids. I included a little piece of my wedding dress lace into the courtages. :D

And last but not least I sewed a black bow tie for the groom and a yellow one for our little ring bearer (unfortunatelly I don't have a good picture of that. :( )

And as I continuously receive questions about the material I used in my wedding invitations, I thought about mentioning this briefly in this post.

I got the kraft card board from the shop stempelmeer. I searched a lot in the internet and I think everyone in Germany will agree that it is so much harder to get good material here compared to America. ;) I decided to use this card board, as I just had to cut it in halves to have the perfect size for one invitation.

What I didn't like about the card board was the fact that the front and the back have different colors. While the front has the typical brownish kraft colour I love, the back looks more greyish and dirty. :( See?

At the beginning I was a little sad about it, but I decided to use it anyway and I didn't regret it. :)

So, in the next post I'm going to show you our beautiful location with our hand-made decoration. :)
Wish you all a lovely evening! :)