Nov 29, 2013

An almost forgotten swap

During the last months I forgot to show you some of my swaps and I'm going to catch up on it the following days.

I've sent this swap package a couple of month ago to dear Blanca, who has sent me such a beautiful swap package.

The swap for Blanca included a new stamp I carved.

I used it for the cover of a little self-made journal. I added a little shell necklace, funny stationary from Korea and some sweets.

Almost December. :) Maybe I'll send out a couple of seasonal swaps. :) Are you looking forward to the upcoming month and all the christmus stuff?

Nov 26, 2013

From summer back to winter

We're back from our lovely and wonderful honeymoon!!! :) And I almost froze to death waiting for the train from the airport to Karlsruhe. ;)

While I was away two beautiful parcels arrived. With lovely content. :)

From Doro...

...and from Nina.

And another great thing happened. Finally the other feature of our wedding invitations on Bildpoeten went online. :)

Source Susann Probst

At the end of our honeymoon trip the travel journal looks like this.

The material I collected...

...the weekly overviews...

...and the daily journal.

There's still some things to do. The daily headings are still missing, picture pages have to be printed and the collected materials have to be included into the entire journal. But I'm happy I managed to write down our experiences and all the lovely memories every day. :)

So, I'm very happy to be back and looking forward to December, the christmas month. :D

Nov 4, 2013

The travel kit

The last days were quite busy, so many things to do... But I finished the travel kit for our honeymoon today. :D
As I wanna go to bed as I have to get up quite early tomorrow, I have to finish this post in 5 minutes. ;) So here I go....;)

The covers for the different islands.

A weekly overview for each island.

All the papers and stickers I prepared for the travel kit.

The travel kit itself. :)

Opening the travel kit: On the left the covers with the weekly overview, on the right an envelope for collecting snippets and other things.

The papers and stickers for the travel journal.

Another envelope and blanco sheets for the travel journal.

Wow, I almost did it in 5 minutes. ;) Sorry for the short explanations. I hope you've enjoyed the post anyway.
Wish you all a wonderful, cheerful and hopefully sunny November! Enjoy it! :) See you in the end of November (till then of course blog pause)! :) :)

Nov 1, 2013

Sewing a simple camera case

Today is a holiday in some parts of Germany. And I am lucky to live in one where this is the case. :) We prepared things for our journey and my husband ♥ asked me to make a case or the like for our new lumix camera which we bought as an easy-to-carry-around camera for our travel.

So I sewed a simple camera case. :)

I created a simple paper pattern and cut out the fabric pieces for inside and outside. I used thick felt fabric for inside, as I was too lazy to use interfacing.

I sewed the fabrics for the inner and outer case together.

Then I put both pieces into each other. I took a picture of this step as I ALWAYS forget how to arrange the pieces correctly. ;)

Then I sewed the remaining parts together, so that the inner and outer case were joined together and left a little space to turn everything inside out.

I sewed the last hole together and added hook and loop fastener (I've never heard this expression before...;)).

Ta-Dah! The finished case. :D Fortunatelly the camera fitted perfectly into the case.

I hope you had a crafty day too! :)