Mar 30, 2014

March "We ♥ Mail": Fairy tales

I loved the March theme of our We ♥ Mail project so much: Fairy tales! :D I've always loved fairy tales and still love to read them. So working on this theme was so much fun for me! I gave the entire theme a modern approach, so this is what I've sent to Juliana (Portugal).

I've bound everything to a little book (as I love doodling mandalas, one on front of the cover), so there are quite many pictures coming, as I had to take pictures of every page separately.

A letter for Juliana and some sticky notes I thought would perfectly fit into the theme.

One of three stamps I've carved for this theme: Little Red Riding Hood (stamped on tags).

Two washi tape samples I associate to fairy tales: A corny, pink and pretty lace pattern and a romantic, blue and winter pattern.

The second stamp I've carved: Mary Poppins with the lovely quote "Don't you know that everybody's got a fairyland of their own?"

A bunch of snippets, stickers, mini tags, origami paper...

The last stamp I've carved: Tinkerbell, one of my favourite fairy tale characters!

An instruction for making stars and some glow-in-the-dark star origami paper.

The happy end. :D


And that's what I've received from dear Sara! Such a beautiful package full of lovely things.

Lovely quotes written on her typewriter, a wolf mask, a beautiful book with a lovely story she's written.

Beautiful tags, a bookmark and beautifully stitched butterfly tags.

This month's theme was so much fun and I'm looking forward to the next month with the theme "easter" or "tasty treats". :D

Mar 17, 2014

Journal pages: March Week I + II

I liked the idea of using one color scheme for each week, so I continued doing that. :)

March Week I: Green/Purple

A big washi tape order arrived! :D

March Week II: Grey/Blue

A new stamp design I used for making a color-matching card for this week.

I tried out Zen/Mandala Doodling! So much fun! :D

Wish you all a lovely start into the week! ♥

Mar 13, 2014

So, so beautiful snail mails

A while ago Blanca spoiled me again with a wonderful mail. But look for yourself! :)

So many beautiful things: A beautifully stamped envelope, cute fabric buttons, tea, stickers, lovely tags and a swan sticker. I especially loved the turtle she bought for me, as she knows I love turtles! Thank you so much, Blanca! I absolutely loved your mail! :D


Adriana has sent me a beautiful mail last week too.

I loved every single piece of it! The pretty cards, the cute notebook with a tree doodle on the cover, the pretty stone, the word stickers and of course the beautiful self-sewn purse!!!
Now I use it as a pencil case for my journalng pens and other material!

Thanks so much, Adriana!! :D :D

Mar 9, 2014

We heart Mail - What I received (Jan, Feb)

In January I received a beautiful mail from Margaret, wrapped up in a pretty parcel.

A wonderfully long letter on colorful paper with a cute snail mail stamp in the corner. I really enjoyed getting to know Margaret in her detailed letter. :)

She's sent me gorgeous self-designed stamps: The cute snail, an alphabet and a "my friend" stamp! :D

And great material for snail mailing and journaling.

Thank you so much, Margaret! I enjoyed your mail very much!


And this is the February snail mail with the theme "love" dear Hila's sent me. Look at all the pretty details!

A cloud pet I absolutely adore, cute washi samples, an origami bird and a translation of a hebrew love song! Such a great idea!

A self-made cute little book for love notes, my name in Hebrew :D, a lot of hearts and cute snippets.

Thank you so much for all the pretty things, Hila!

You'll find all snail mails on our project website.

Mar 4, 2014

Mar 1, 2014

Journal weeks

At the end of this month's project I would like to show the journal weeks I created during the month.

In comparison to the years before I embellished the pages more using washi tape, different colors, the journal stamps I carved, stickers and snippets. For a better blog organization I started to mark the post days with color points. For my week away I created an additional page between two pages for all the visiting cards and snippets I collected.

In the current week, inspired by different filofax videos, I started to embellish a week with a color scheme (yellow and black). Of course I still used other colors too, but I tried to chose mainly yellow/black accessoires. I think it looks nice for a change. :)

By the way, I LOVE the Muji pens I got during my trip! They're gorgeous to write with and they don't shine through the pages!! Just perfect for my journal. :D

I'm really happy with my current system and I have so much fun recording our life. :D
Do you like journaling? I would love to read about the way you do your memory keeping. ♥