Apr 30, 2014

Hugs from behind

I loved to draw mangas when I was younger. Today I drew a little like back then. Thinking of these heart-warming little words.

Three letters and one package got sent out in the end of April. Hopefully all of them will bring a little smile to the receivers. ♥

Wish you all a lovely start into May! The Germans will appreciate the public holiday tomorrow. :)

Apr 25, 2014

April We ♥ Mail - Easter swap

Due to unfortunate changes in our project, I had to send out the April snail mail later as planned and to another person than originally decided. So my April mail with the theme "easter" - not a surprise - was sent to Sharon living in UK. :)

I decided to weave an easter basket to hold all the little things I've prepared with brown craft paper. I made the basket flat and the handle movable, so it would fit into a parcel. :)

Again I carved a theme-related stamp: An easter egg I've already shown you on my journal page. I used it for cards and tags.

To fold some origami bunnies, I picked this lovely video tutorial to make super cute bunny bags. Perfect to hold tasty treats! :)

I always like to add stickers embellished with self-carved stamps, as well as some journaling cards and bunny stickers. :)

A little easter cookie recipe for Sharon to bake her own tasty treats and some crocheted egg ornaments.

Even it's a little belated, I still hope you'll enjoy the mail, Sharon! :)


I also received my April mail from Kim from the Netherlands.
She's sent me such a cute package! I loved the decoration of the parcel so much! :D

A cute letter, a Dutch recipe...

...tasty sweets, ribbons in the typical Dutch colors, ink for dyeing eggs...

...and beautiful stationary: A card, pretty journaling cards, lovely tags and cute selfmade stickers for snail mailing!

Thank you, Kim! ♥ I enjoyed opening and exploring your cute snail mail so much! :)

Apr 22, 2014

Journaling weeks

I'm having so much fun decorating my journal pages lately. :) :)

April week II.

An easter egg stamp I carved for the easter season.

April week III.

Hope you all had great easter holidays. :) I'm still enjoying my last day of vacation.

Apr 18, 2014

Mandala stamp ideas

There are a lot of things you can use mandala stamps for. Here are some ideas. :)

Wrapping paper.


Little cards.


And pattern stickers.

Wish you all a good start into the easter weekend! :)

Apr 13, 2014

Challenge: Letter to a friend

As you all know I love snail mailing. Most of my letters are meant for "stranger". People I've met via the world wide web, even though some I got to know quite well. :)

Recently a good friend of mine, living in Kenya, wrote me a letter. And I was so delighted to read from her! :D

I live in a city where I moved to because of work (and my ♥ :)). Almost all of my childhood, school and university friends are spread around the world. I want to start writing them letters. Conventional letters with plenty of words, thoughts and happiness. :)

As it's already April I'm going to start with 4 letters this month.
Anyone wanna join me? :) :)

Hope you all had a great weekend! ♥

Apr 11, 2014

April week I + Hema order

This is how the first week of April turned out.

As I love to doodle mandalas lately, I carved two mandala stamps. It was not that easy, but I'm sure with a little practice I will get better. :)

And a little tip for my German readers. A German Hema online shop opened up and till May 11th they don't charge you for shipping if your order value exceeds 15 EUR. :)

Wish you all a lovely and sunny weekend! ♥

Apr 8, 2014

Regional and cooking swap

I did a regional and cooking swap with Cristina: Tell the other one something about where she lives and exchange a recipe. :)

So this is the lovely mail I received a couple of weeks ago:

Cristina's sent me green chile dip powder with a recipe, chili and cooking tags, a "howdy" (that's what they say in Texas ;)) card and magnet, postcards from Texas, a bandana, cute selfmade post cards with a super cute armadillo and some facts about Texas. :D
I loved reading about her home state and I enjoyed every piece of the beautiful package!

I sent Cristina a German recipe for potato pancakes, a Berlin tv tower DIY card, a topographic map of Germany...

...facts about Germany, a cupcake paper clip, some kitchenware sticky notes, ...

...and cooking cards for recipes and stickers. :)

Preparing the swap was so much fun! Thanks again for the great swap, Cristina! :)

Apr 6, 2014

Little words and little stamps

Do you know the website Just little things? I love browsing through the collection of little things and life's simple pleasures we should appreciate more.

This week I especially appreciated this one:

Without asking, without wondering, just accepting. :)

I carved some kitchenware stamps for a swap, which I've already shown you before. I made every tool a separate stamp and arranged them on an acrylic block.

It wasn't that easy to find the perfect arrangement. :) I tried out a lot...

So this was my favourite choice. Perfect for recipe cards! ♥

The stamps were inspired by Rikes beautiful recipe stamp. Check out her blog! She's amazing in designing stamps! She's in fact the person who inspired me starting with stamp carving. :)

Wish you all a wonderful and sunny Sunday!

Apr 3, 2014

Swap with Claudia

A couple of month ago I finally swapped with dear Claudia. I'm reading her wonderful blog for a while now, so I was very happy we did a swap. :)

Claudia's sent me so many beautiful things! Lovely prints of her great designs, a selfmade "Get well soon" card....

... some buttons, a super cute whale and bird figure, a quill and two cutting edges (!!).

Such a beautiful swap package with so many lovely little treasures! Thank you so much, Claudia! :D

And this is what I've sent Claudia: Some stamped fabric, shells, tags, origami paper...

...bird stamps from Korea, korean and persian seeds, stickers, an origami box with wooden beads...

...a little notebook, some leafs, a crochet snowflake, sparklers and some paperclips.

Claudia posted about our little swap here as well, if you want to check it out. Her blog is definitely worth visiting. ♥

Apr 1, 2014

March week III + random things

This was week III of March with a pink design.

Some kitchen/cooking stamps I carved for a recent swap which I'm going to show you soon.

Mandala doodling during the flight. :)

My current washi tape collection, stored in a teabox (idea by a friend of mine).

A last minute birthday card I made with the Tinkerbell stamp. :)

Wish you all a lovely week! :)